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Justice for Dos Erres:

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Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes, arrested pursuant to a US request in Lethbridge Alberta Jan 18, 2011, is currently in custody awaiting extradition to the US. Sosa Orantes has Guatemalan, US and Canadian citizenship.

Sosa Orantes is a former officer of the notorious counterinsurgency group, the Kaibiles, of the Guatemalan military. Credible testimony implicates him as one of the organizers of the massacre in 1982 of 252 civilians in the community of Dos Erres in Guatemala.

If Mr. Sosa Orantes is extradited to the US, he will be prosecuted only for naturalization fraud committed in that country. For true justice to be done, Sosa Orantes must be tried for the crimes against humanity he allegedly committed in Guatemala. This can be done in Canada under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

We strongly urge the Minister of Justice, the Hon. Rob Nicholson, to delay extradition of Sosa Orantes to the US while the Canadian War Crimes Program conducts its own investigation into the case. If evidence is found supporting Sosa Orantes’ alleged involvement in crimes against humanity, the Canadian government must prosecute or defer to another country where he will be tried for these crimes and full justice will be done.

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